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£200,000 Compensation For Medical Negligence Victim

A 53 year old man from Darwen has been awarded £200,000 in compensation following a routine procedure at his local hospital. 

He had been referred to a vascular surgeon for investigation after suffering from knee and back problems.  He needed a stent inserting into an artery in his leg and the procedure could be done under local anaesthetic allowing him to go home within an hour. 

However, as he was being wheeled out of theatre the nurses realised his leg was discoloured and was swollen to three times the size – so big that they could not perform a scan for 7 days.  He was kept in hospital until they could eventually perform the scan.  He was then discharged with medication. 

Almost 2 months later, with his leg still discoloured and swollen, he returned to hospital for a further operation.  Following the operation his stomach was also extremely sore and he required further surgery.  A large blood clot the size of a baby was removed from his stomach and he spent two weeks in intensive care.  He was eventually allowed home one month after the second operation but developed a hernia and was effectively house bound, unable to work. 

With the help of expert advice and assistance from solicitor John Bennett, he successfully sued the hospital for their mismanagement and was awarded £200,000 in compensation.

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