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Personal Injury Solicitor Leonie Millard in Lancashire

Personal Injury Solicitor: Leonie Millard

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Personal Injury Solicitor
Phone: Freephone 0800 0845 846

Legal Advice Areas

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

Typical Day

...would normally include contact with clients, either on the phone, in person or via e-mail, drafting personal injury related documents and assessing cases.


I act for Claimants and specialise in personal injury and clinical negligence matters.

My caseload includes a wide variety of complex, serious and high value employer's liability claims; related to accidents at work, slips and trips and road traffic accident claims. I explain issues to clients, assess risk, and consider negligence and value on these cases, proceeding to court where necessary.

The clinical negligence work that I do compensates clients with grievances against Doctors, and Hospital Trusts.

I am a member of APIL, and lecture to students in civil litigation.